Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday Morning

I woke up around 8:00 AM, then I took a shower, and now here I am, blogging about my weekend. I've honestly tried to stay away from shopping since school started, but my mom likes to go shopping a lot, and I went with her yesterday. So this is what I got yesterday:

It is a brown coach purse. It was really cute, and on sale! My mom said if I really wanted it, she would buy it for me; so she did. The original price is marked $148.00, but I got it for $55. On the right are just my new glasses that I got. They're Paul Frank.

 Last weekend I got this cute blue dress from American Rag. $39.00. I don't think I'm going to be wearing it out anytime soon, especially because it's a constant 40 degrees outside, haha. I'm just preparing for the future!
Until next time!


  1. So, I love the brown bag! And the dress is so cute :-)
    Best wishes for 2011!!!

  2. Craving that bag!

    xo Kat

  3. I've been searching for a similar brown bag, yeay you got it on sale! :D I love your glasses!!!
    The dress is adorable, I keep buying dresses that I can't wear at the moment as well :P