Sunday, January 16, 2011

I have the most craziest obsession with...

MAKE-UP! Most specifically Urban Decay Cosmetics. And even more specifically, the Urban Decay Vegan Palette, Naked Palette, Sustainable Shadow set, and Ammo Eye Palette.
Now, Urban Decay is one of my favorite brands of make-up. I've only used samples of these palettes, but they work very well! I'm saving up to buy at least 2 palettes out of these four. They are available at either the Urban Decay Website or at Sephora.
The vegan palette consists of six different eyeshadows (Minx, Urb, Gunmetal, Baked, Smog, and Half-Baked), a travel-size 24/7 Glide-On eye pencil in Zero, and eyeshadow primer potion in sin.

Since I'm kind of lazy right now, I'll post the link and pictures of each product so that if any of you are interested, you can look into these products further!

Naked Palette 

 Sustainable Shadow Set

 Ammo Palette

Thank you for reading! 


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Celebrity Hairstyles

I was going through a bunch of online sites, and I stumbled upon InStyle. I'll share a couple hairstyles that I thought were really cute!

In this picture, Natalie Portman is rockin' a deep side part with low full curls. To get this look, please follow to this link. 
Here is Anne Hathaway with long uniform curls. To get this style click here.  

 I'd really like to write more, but I'm trying to focus more on my artwork for my AP class, but please go to the sites if you want to try out any of these hairstyles and more!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday Morning

I woke up around 8:00 AM, then I took a shower, and now here I am, blogging about my weekend. I've honestly tried to stay away from shopping since school started, but my mom likes to go shopping a lot, and I went with her yesterday. So this is what I got yesterday:

It is a brown coach purse. It was really cute, and on sale! My mom said if I really wanted it, she would buy it for me; so she did. The original price is marked $148.00, but I got it for $55. On the right are just my new glasses that I got. They're Paul Frank.

 Last weekend I got this cute blue dress from American Rag. $39.00. I don't think I'm going to be wearing it out anytime soon, especially because it's a constant 40 degrees outside, haha. I'm just preparing for the future!
Until next time!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Black Swan

Currently watching Black Swan. It's kind of a trip, but it just started.

First Post of 2011!

It's a couple days overdue, mainly because school just started again, but it's all good! I came home early today because I didn't feel good, so here I am, blogging. On Monday I was super excited to find my package came in!

It's the 88 color eye shadow palette from Coastal Scents. It's an online site, which was recommended to me by a couple of friends. Now, I hasn't got to test it out yet, but I heard it's amazing.

This week, I also stumbled upon this! It is a vintage clothing store on I was looking through the inventory, and there's some really cute dresses, jackets, shoes, sweaters, all that good stuff! Compared to other vintage clothing sold on Etsy, this place isn't too expensive. Definitely under the $100 mark. So please check it out and happy shopping!

The Spinto Band - Needlepoint

XO Bree