Wednesday, December 29, 2010


What are we expecting for the fashion in 2011? I did some looking around online, and some websites have posted their spring and summer looks. The "key looks" that this website posted were 70's glam, Biker clothing, punk fashion, and 60's lady-like. From the trends of 2010, I feel like it all gradually led up to the "decision" of what these 2011 fashion trends were going to be.
You should really read the article of the link I posted just above it has everything from men and womens' key looks of 2011, as well as accessory and shoe trends. I think 2011 will be a good year for fashion! Time to get those creative juices flowing!

Cold War - The Morning Benders


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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What's in your make-up bag?

I love simple make-up, and I think if things are done right, they can really compliment an outfit. Now everything in my make-up bag is very simple, but the contents are definitely growing rapidly! I split this into four sections lipsitck/gloss, eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara.

In the picture above, are four lipsticks and one lip gloss. From left to right: The first is Clinique, Chianti. The color is sort of a mocha mixed with a little be of red. The next one is Orange Cranberry lip gloss. I got it as a Christmas gift from a friend, so I'm not exactly sure where it's from. The purple tube is Urban Decay. I bought it at Sephora in a little set, and the shade is called Midnight Cowboy. It's a nude, shimmery color. To the right of that is from BareMinerals; it's called cream puff and it is another nude color, which I absolutely love. The last tube is made by Revlon and can be bought at your local drugstore. It is a burgundy and is called Plum
 Next is eyeshadow! The one on the left I use mostly for the mirror, but the shadow duo is butter pecan, and the blush powder is sunset glow from Clinique. The middle one is from E.L.F. and it's just a eyeshadow duo (black magic). Last but not least, is a 12-palette of various shimmery colors from Forever 21.
 Now here's my favorite part! I love eyeliners. They're the best, for me personally! I have four eyeliner pencils. Two are Urban Decay (Ransom and Flipside), the brown is from Almay (02 brown topaz), and the last one, a simple black, is from Benefit. My liquid eyeliner (far left), is Infinite liquid eyeliner by Milani. I also have a smoky cream liner by Sephora, along with an angled brush (15). All of these products are 24-hour wear and are also waterproof.
Mascara! I have a variety. I use all of them at random times, ahah. From left to right: Urban Decay mascara, Diorshow mascara, Maybelline's great lash mascara, and the one I use most often, Falsies volum express mascara by Maybelline NY.

I'll leave you with a song!

Vietnam by Miniature Tigers

*all pictures are taken by yours truly

Monday, December 27, 2010

I decided to make a new blog.

It's a fresh start, and it is soon to be a new year! Anyway, the holiday season has been crazy this year, and I definitely got some shopping in, because I know that I won't be shopping for a while after wards. Not only did I get to shop, but I also received a few gifts from people. (I apologize for the poor phone quality. My camera battery is charging still.)

The gray blazer is from the Gap. Now, I don't usually shop there, mainly because everything is so expensive. BUT this time, since it's the Christmas season, everything had an additional 50% off. It was originally around $50, so you can do the math. (:
The black bag I bought at Forever 21. I was standing in line, and seen it on the little racks next to the register. I couldn't resist! It reminded me too much of Chanel, so I knew I had to cop.
This sweater is a gift from one of my best friend's, Rachel. She knows that I love those types of sweaters that are like what old people wear, but still stylish, so she got me this little number. You can't really tell from the picture, but it's teal.
I also bought a brown cardigan, but I was unable to take a picture of it.
For previous buys that I have posted on my old blog, click these links: Latest Obsession, Random Stuff,Birthday Shopping.

Have a great day everyone! And I'll leave you all with a song:

50 Ways to Make a Record - Kid Cudi