Saturday, February 5, 2011

Product Review

I've been doing a lot of shopping recently, mainly make-up products, which is obvious if you keep up with my blog! Anyway, I just thought it would be nice to make a little blog reviewing the different products I've bought. For me, personally, I really rely on product reviews from everyday people, because it's raw, and they aren't really too worried about criticizing a product, but with the products I have purchased, I have nothing negative to say (:

First product: Coastal Scents 88 Color Eye Shadow Palette
A bunch of friends suggested that I buy this product! My friend told me about it a couple years ago, but I haven't really gotten into make-up until this year, so that is when I purchased it. What I really enjoy about this product is that all of the colors are highly pigmented. There are pictures on my previous blog if you want to see what colors there are. Each color is about the size of a dime. It was somewhat disappointing seeing how small the actual eyeshadow is, but at the same time, 88 colors for $20, compared to one colors for $14. Plus, I know people who've had this palette for a year, and still have a lot of color left on the ones that they use often. 

Second product: Ecotools Bamboo 6-Piece Brush Set
I needed some new brushes, because my first set ever of brushes were really cheap quality, and that was all I had before. I've been using these for a couple weeks now, and they're pretty good quality. There aren't any signs of shedding, unlike my brushes from before, and they are really soft! The price was about $11 or $12. I purchased them from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Overall they are good quality, and pretty inexpensive.

Sorry I haven't been posting! School has been overwhelming to say the least. I'm getting in make-up pretty heavily now, which is exciting! I'm helping a few friends with the events they have coming up, (i.e. Rose Diamond Fashion Show and Human Root, a Zombie film my friend is putting together). I'll keep you guys updated with what is going on! 


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